Unlock the Health Benefits of Dates from Pakistan: Aseel Dates and Beyond Await Your Palate

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Welcome to the world of Dates from Pakistan! Discover the rich variety of dates cultivated in the diverse landscapes of Pakistan, including Aseel Dates, Pakistani Dates (Khajoor), Pitted Dates, Diced Dates, Dry Dates (Chuara) and more.

Aseel Dates: The Pride of Pakistan

Aseel dates, hailed as the finest among Pakistani varieties, boast a sweet, delicate flavor and are cherished for their nutritional richness. Explore the exquisite taste of Aseel Dates, primarily cultivated in the Khairpur District of Sindh.

Begum Jangi Dates: Nature’s Sweet Treasure

Indulge in the soft, syrupy goodness of Begum Jangi Dates, a natural storehouse of vitamins. With a long shelf life and unparalleled sweetness, these dates are a must-have ingredient for culinary enthusiasts worldwide.

Rabbi Dates: Exported Excellence

Rabbi Dates, with their semi-dry texture and faint sweetness, are a favorite in the export market. Cultivated in the Mashkail area of Baluchistan, these dates offer a perfect blend of flavor and nutrition.

Turbat Mix Dates: Versatile Delights

Experience the soft texture and syrupy taste of Turbat Mix Dates, a selected blend of dates with similar characteristics. Widely used in industrial products and confectioneries, these dates are a testament to Pakistan’s agricultural prowess.

Why Choose Our Dates?

Our dates are sourced from prime areas where they naturally thrive, ensuring top quality and freshness. Whether you’re snacking or baking, our dates guarantee a guilt-free indulgence. With a satisfaction guarantee and a diverse range of varieties, we promise an unparalleled experience.

Pakistan: A Date Haven

Explore the thriving date-growing regions of Pakistan, from Khairpur in Sindh to Turbat in Balochistan. With over 150 varieties of dates, Pakistan stands as a major player in the global dates market.

Export Potential and Opportunities

Discover the export potential of Pakistani dates, with markets ranging from the USA to India and beyond. With Government support through Trade Developmnet Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), USAID programs and improved agricultural practices, Pakistan’s dates industry holds immense promise for the future.

Experience the Best of Dates from Pakistan

From farm to table, our commitment to quality ensures a delightful experience with every bite. Join us in celebrating the flavors and nutrition of Dates from Pakistan.

Elevate your culinary experience with Dates from Pakistan. With a rich variety of flavors and unmatched nutritional benefits, our dates are the perfect choice for health-conscious consumers and culinary enthusiasts alike. Explore our range of Aseel Dates, Begum Jangi Dates, Rabbi Dates, Turbat Mix Dates, and more, and embark on a journey of taste and wellness.